Welcome to the Caregivers Nova Scotia Tyze site. 

Caregivers Nova Scotia Association is dedicated to providing recognition and practical supports to friends and family giving care. 

We define caregivers as individuals who give care and support to family and friends who require assistance due to chronic physical, mental or cognitive disabilities. Caregivers range in age from children to seniors. 

Our Vision is: "Caregivers are supported as essential partners in care."

Our Mission is: To ensure that the caregivers of Nova Scotia are recognized, valued and supported by using non-partisan, collaborative approaches to:

  • raise public awareness of caregiver issues;
  • influence public policy with respect to caregivers at the national and provincial levels;
  • provide caregiver education and support;
  • act as a clearinghouse of information on caregiving; and
  • monitor demographic trends and their impact on caregivers.

With Tyze online networks, we can extend our services and reach within the community. These secure and private online networks help people make plans together, share stories, track to-do tasks and support the individuals that Caregivers Nova Scotia serves. Tyze helps people help each other in a meaningful and empowering environment. 

Tyze is much more than a way to make appointments and track tasks. It’s a place to celebrate contributions and achievements - a way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. 

And for network members, it’s a chance to feel connected and effective in a whole new way.